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Axolo - GitLab ™ integration

Enable your team to review merge requests faster.

AxoloProduct Description

Axolo is a tool that allows tech teams to collaborate on merge requests seamlessly through a Slack and GitHub/GitLab integration. It creates a temporary Slack channel for each merge request, where all related information such as deployments, CI/CD, and code comments will be shared. This allows for easy communication and collaboration between team members. Axolo's features include: an ephemeral Slack channel for each merge request, MRs reminders, a complete synch for code reviews, high-level view on your team's MRs, the ability to approve merge requests with a /lgtm command, and more. Axolo also provides additional features such as organization of stand-ups with daily PR recaps, dedicated times for code review, and the ability to view all open MRs of your organization or specific teams with simple commands. Additionally, developers can use the "/lgtm" command in MR channels to approve merge requests, and the tool can also send reminders for stale MRs. Overall, Axolo aims to streamline the code review process and improve communication.


Axolo has a free plan for engineering teams with 5 developers or less. Then, Axolo offers a two-week free trial on their Professionnal plan (8$/month/developer) or their Business plan (16$/month/developer). The Business plan is more suited more companies with thirty engineers or more, but there is no obligation to switch from the Pro to the Business plan.