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Mattermost - GitLab ™ integration

Send notifications and use slash command about project in Mattermost channels.

MattermostProduct Description

Mattermost is a secure, private communication and collaboration platform for software developers. It integrates deeply with a rich ecosystem of third-party developer tools, making it easy for developers to plan, build, release, and operate software. Mattermost is also well-suited for use cases such as incident response and secure collaboration. It offers self-hosted and private cloud deployment options, access to the source code, strict access controls, and integration with in-house security/compliance frameworks. This allows companies full control over their data while they benefit from a shared, flexible, and extensible platform. Mattermost supports key developer collaboration use cases: Agile software development for developers who build and operate software to provide higher productivity. Technical features and deep integrations with the tools developers use to support all phases of agile software development including planning, building, releasing, and operating. Developer workflow orchestration for senior technical roles and Engineering/IT management in companies that consider software development mission-critical. We make their digital enterprise operations successful with advanced developer workflows and integration with mission-critical applications at scale. Incident resolution for developer teams responding to time-critical incidents that provide faster time-to-resolution and less error-prone incident response with continuous process improvement. Secure collaboration for InfoSec and CIO/CISO in companies that require the highest levels of security, privacy, compliance, and data control. We provide an on-premise, self-hosted collaboration solution that is fully secured, highly customizable, and managed internally with strict access controls, and integrates easily with in-house security/compliance frameworks that can’t be achieved with SaaS.


Mattermost offers a free plan, and two paid plans starting from $10/user/month. Learn more about Mattermost's pricing plan on their dedicated page.