GitLab ™ Applications for CI-CD

CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Development) is an important category of software development practices that focuses on automation. The goal of CI/CD is to streamline the process of developing, building, testing, and releasing software changes by reducing manual work and making the process easier, faster, and more reliable. Continuous integration integrates code into a shared repository multiple times per day, ensuring individual code changes do not break the system. Continuous deployment automates the release of new features without manual intervention throughout the lifecycle of a project. Benefits include quicker acceptance of new features and bug fixes for end users; easier integration for teams consisting of numerous developers with different coding styles; high-quality assurance through automated tests; as well as better visibility into how individual components impact fewer problems in production environments. In short, CI/CD helps ensure that any changes to the codebase can be quickly tested and pushed out to users without compromising stability or functionality. By implementing continuous integration and continuous development practices, teams are guaranteed to have a faster release cycle while ensuring maximum reliability.